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My Painting Process

The Golden Buddha. Now sold. Prints available

My aim in painting is to create a picture that will leave a strong impression, with impact, that will speak to you, and that will enhance and be very present in your home, almost alive. I use bright, strong colours and textured backgrounds to help me achieve my goal – these are also strong reminders for me of the times I have spent both in India/Sri Lanka, and the American South West – both areas where colours are strong and brilliant, reflected from a bright sun and deep blue sky. I work principally in acrylics, although I also enjoy working in oils, especially for portraits. In some of the larger pieces, I like to incorporate my unique ‘ secret collage’ where I use hand prepared paper in subtle ways to enhance, and to add texture, value contrast, depth and shadow in a very discreet way.


Please note that SIGNED PRINTS are always available of any piece…..

PRICES (given in euros but payment in dollars or pounds accepted at exchange rates on the day)

  • 100% cotton rag
  • Stunning natural white archival paper with archival ink
  • Size options for standard frames

Small:           300mm x 400mm………………………€40

Medium:       400mm x 500mm………………..……€50

Large:             450mm x 600mm…………………….€65

XLarge:         600mm x 800mm……………………..€75


Prices for paintings are given in  US dollars, but I am happy to accept euros or pounds, too, at the exchange rate on the day of sale.                                     

a……..‘SHIVA’….a large glowing portrait in acrylic on stretched canvas of the Indian God Shiva. 110cm x 70 cm or 42″ x 28″

For sale at  $500

For prints, see above






Seaside 1 and 2        

Abstract pieces combining acrylic paint and my own collage papers, in subtle and imperceptible ways.30cm x 30cm (12″).

For sale at $80 each or $159 for the pair.

Small size prints available, see above.








‘Going round in Circles’

Acrylic on stretched canvas, with more subtle colours and markmaking. 120cm x 70 cm (42″ x 27.5″)   $500

Prints available to order as above               

Please ask for more photos of this piece if you are interested as it is much more beautiful  and meaningful in reality! 



Acrylic mixed media on stretched canvas –  – As I am known as ‘Lin the Pink’ this is naturally one of my favourites, slightly smaller and lighter in weight. Also available as an art print and as other merchandise (see following page)

FOR SALE at $300


"Buddha Sees" Acrylic on stretched canvas with a little collage - 18"x16" - Also available as an art print or other merchandise. FOR SALE at $300





“Buddha Sees” Acrylic on stretched canvas with a little collage – – Also available as an art print or other merchandise. FOR SALE at $200

'Buddha Protects' - acrylic and collage, on stretched canvas - 20"x20" - I sometimes hang this over my bed, and always feel very protected. FOR SALE at $300
Buddha Protects’ – acrylic and collage, on stretched canvas – 20″x20″ – I sometimes hang this over my bed, and always feel very protected –  available as an art print and as other merchandise (see following page)



‘Looking Back to an Indian Summer’ Acrylic on stretched canvas/90x90cm/35×35″.I painted this last Winter, still reminiscing about my days in India, feeling the warmth and majesty whilst shivering in my studio! This piece is available as a print and other merchandise.                                  For Sale at $400x SOLD Prints Available 





My Inspiration comes from my friends’ farm in the backwaters of Kerala, where I spend several weeks every year. For me, it is a tropical paradise, hot, languid and a place of retreat and replenishment. The bright colours, food, clothes and indeed every aspect of the love culture have left strong images and impressions upon me, that I feel compelled to express through painting and writing.


2. South West US Collection

‘Arizona Rocks’. Acrylic landscape with collage, 15″x15″x1″ (38cm) I LOVE the desert landscapes of this state, and the horizons which dominate and reflect strong colours together with a feeling of vastness and the passage of time. FOR SALE at $200
‘Arizona Horizon’ Acrylic on stretched canvas, 20″x15″  51cm x 38cm)    FOR SALE at $175




‘At the Grand Canyon’ Acrylic on stretched canvas 30″x20″ x1″( 76cm x 51cm)  A combination of a wonderful trip combining seeing the Canyon from above, at sunset, and a ride on the Rio Colorado, watching the interplay of water and sunlight. FOR SALE at $125
‘Fifteen minutes after sunset at the Grand Canyon’ Acrylic on stretched canvas, inspired by an unforgettable experience, watching the sun set, and the sky transform through the spectrum of intensity, from brilliant yellows and oranges to deep violets. pinks and purples. This contrasted with the inky, shadowy, smudged vast depths of the canyon below, whilst my glasses reflected a rainbow of highlights.FOR SALE at $175

'Stand out from the cloud' mixed media on canvas 90x90cm, $350
‘Stand out from the cloud’ mixed media on canvas 90x90cm  (35″) For sale at $400


3. Portraits (commissions welcome)

Please read the following page for details of portrait commissions – I work in acrylics or oils, though oils will take a considerable time to dry. I love portrait painting, especially capturing the essence of the person or animal, the sparkle in the eye, and I will always want to know more about the person or animal, their character, and your memories of them. These are mostly personal ones as an example, ranging from highly realistic to more expressive, as you prefer:-

A black and white acrylic portrait on paper of my late partner, Roy. I tried to capture his kindness as well as his ‘cheeky chappie’ persona.
Selfie in oils on canvas board. A few wrinkles have been omitted for aesthetic reasons!













Cat Gracie














"Flamingoes in Rajasthan" Acrylic on stretched canvas with subtle collage elements. Touring various nature reserves in this vast Indian state, I spotted my first ever wild flamingoes on a vast salt marsh, like pink clouds on the horizon. Art prints and other merchandise available. For Sale at $350.



A smaller piece in acrylics, 20"x20", now sold, but I am happy to paint a similar piece to your preference in terms of size, colour palette etc. Available as an art print or other merchandise.



               The Pink Buddha  (90cmx 90cm) guards the studio


  • Prices do not include postage and packing, which I have explained in detail on this page – and for which I have a special thank you offer  to cover 50% of packaging and postage costs, and which are based normally on weight rather than size. I use the Post Office of Portugal, their rates being very reasonable – approximately $70 for a 90cm x 90cm large stretched 3D canvas on a wood frame to the US, for example.
  • Please read this page for details on sales, ordering etc, and other merchandise available, prints, cards, home decor etc.
  • I am always happy to take commissions to paint pieces similar to ones already sold. Please contact me if you are interested in any purchase or commission, thanks.
  • Signed prints are available for all pieces – just email me for the sizes available for the particular picture. Details of these and other merchandise are on this page
  • If you are thinking of purchasing any of the pieces, please contact me, and I can send you larger high resolution photos, and answer all your questions! If you right click on an image, then open in a new window, you will get a much larger version.