Paint with Linda at the Pink Buddha Studio

I have long had the innovative idea of offering a different kind of experience for those who

  • are travelling alone, or with  a couple of friends
  • would like a much more intimate, personal, flexible and freer experience, and lots of fun, too, tailored exactly to your needs and level
  • may want to combine painting with exploring and discovering Portugal with organised trips and tours and really get to know the ‘real’ Portugal
  • would like to book in for a shorter or longer time than most workshops
  • may also be looking for nearby opportunities for massage and yoga practice

Then the Pink Buddha Art Studio is for you. My Paint with Linda experience offers several different, very flexible components so you can choose exactly the kind of retreat that you would like. Dates, of course, will depend on availability, so, rather than give any fixed times, I will try and fit in with your plans, or give alternatives. How we proceed is best done, I feel, by personal contact, as there are a number of choices and options – but here are the main aspects to consider:-

  1. Payment will be by day, so you are welcome to stay as long as you wish. You can see the charges at the foot of the page.
  2. There may be accommodation (*only available at certain times of the year so please check with Linda first) for up to two people in their own rooms  – in other words there are two double-bedded rooms. You will have complete privacy with all amenities – you can read all about the house here – and on a self-catering basis. However, if you are travelling alone, and there is availability, I am happy to reserve the house just for you – each booking is exclusive and no other bookings taken for that time. Prices can be flexible, too, according to numbers and time of year and I am happy to take each booking and request as unique . If the accommodation, which is totally separate from the studio,  is already booked for other reasons, or unavailable, it will be necessary to stay on one of the excellent local hotels, or you may prefer to investigate the ever growing number of Airbnbs….I will be able to provide transport up to about 5 km from the studio.
  3. You can choose from a number of activities – you might like to choose one of my teaching programmes, you may like to be accompanied or taught  particular skills, you may just want to come and paint with me – or you may want to have the studio all to yourself or a mixture. This is your choice entirely, and we can easily organise and personalise your retreat.
  4. I will meet you at the airport (Porto airport) on arrival, and take you back when you leave. I am happy to give the occasional lift to the supermarket etc, but I advise car rental if you plan to include some independent sightseeing or touring. I am happy, however, to be your tour guide and driver if you are able to pay expenses. Please see here about the trips and tours I can offer.

I have lived in Portugal for over thirty years, speak fluent Portuguese, and know the area and its lovely people really well.





The cost will depend very much on the number of people, the length of time and your chosen activity. It will, however, be based on the following outlines:

  • Studio time with Linda plus accommodation for one person (if available), including materials = $195 per day
  • Use of studio plus accommodation (if available) for one person without tuition, including materials = $135 per day
  • Studio time with Linda without accommodation for one person, including materials = $125 per day
  • Use of studio without Linda and without  accommodation, but including most materials = $110 per day 

Please note that the cost of stretched framed canvases larger then 30 cms is not included. Let me know before you arrive and I can get these ordered in for you, or we can get them after you arrive. I am happy to send the canvases to your home address after you leave – details about this are here.

There will be a slight surcharge in the winter months to cover heating bills. I lament the need for this, but electricity and fuel costs in Portugal are extremely high, sadly.

I see these prices as guidelines and they are very flexible, as circumstances are. It is always possible to arrange a plan for easy payments. I am very happy to chat via email and skype to hear what you would like, and see if we can arrange this…the whole idea is to make the retreat just right for you!

Please email me at or via FB Messenger if this interests you.