I am off to Sri Lanka for several months and have decided to sell my remaining paintings at incredible prices ON TOP OF WHICH I WILL PAY 50% TOWARDS SHIPPING! Thank you for taking a look – and do get in touch personally if you are interested via Facebook Messenger or via 

All pantings are available for payment in instalments – easily arranged.

Prices quoted do not include the 50% towards shipping. This will be added on dispatch to be arranged separately. Do ask if you would like to know more.


Buddha creates’  (lower right) in acrylic on unstretched  canvas ready for farming with Tao writing.




The Golden Buddha……..Acrylic with collage, on stretched canvas 90 x 90 cm. For Sale at $500  $450

This Buddha glows deeply and has a wonderful presence.

Wisdom……………acrylic mixed media on stretched canvas – 60cm x 40 cm (24″ x 16″) FOR SALE at $300  $220 

‘Going round in Circles’

Acrylic on stretched canvas, with more subtle colours, great depth and mystery and markmaking. 120cm x 70 cm (42″ x 27.5″)   $500 $450



…a large glowing portrait in acrylic on stretched canvas of the Indian God Shiva. 110cm x 70 cm or 42″ x 28″

For sale at  $500  $475 







Green Glow'(right)…..90cm x 90cm (35″) on stretched canvas in acrylic with touches of charcoal.

For sale at $400 $200

Seaside 1 and 2        

Abstract pieces combining acrylic paint and my own collage papers, in subtle and imperceptible ways.30cm x 30cm (12″).

For sale at $100 $50 each or $80 the pair 








"Buddha Sees" Acrylic on stretched canvas with a little collage - 18"x16" - Also available as an art print or other merchandise. FOR SALE at $300


“Buddha Sees” Acrylic on stretched canvas with a little collage – – Also available as an art print or other merchandise. FOR SALE at $300  $250







‘Looking Back to an Indian Summer’ Acrylic on stretched canvas/90x90cm/35×35″.                    For Sale at $400 $350

Buddha Sleeps

Acrylic on stretched canvas



Arizona Rocks. Acrylic landscape with collage, 15″x15″x1″ (38cm) I LOVE the desert landscapes of this state, and the horizons which dominate and reflect strong colours together with a feeling of vastness and the passage of time. FOR SALE at $175  $140
‘Arizona Horizon’ Acrylic on stretched canvas, 20″x15″  51cm x 38cm)    FOR SALE at $200 $150



‘At the Grand Canyon’ Acrylic on stretched canvas 30″x20″ x1″( 76cm x 51cm)   FOR SALE at $175 $140


‘Fifteen minutes after sunset at the Grand Canyon’ Acrylic on stretched canvas, inspired by an unforgettable experience, watching the sun set, and the sky transform through the spectrum of intensity, from brilliant yellows and oranges to deep violets. pinks and purples. This contrasted with the inky, shadowy, smudged vast depths of the canyon below, whilst my glasses reflected a rainbow of highlights.FOR SALE at $350 $200


'Stand out from the cloud' mixed media on canvas 90x90cm, $350

‘Stand out from the cloud’ (middle above) mixed media on canvas 90x90cm  (35″) For sale at $450  $300


Cracking Up…… acrylic with a rich base texture with cracks.  It is on stretched canvas, size 70cm x 50cm (27.5″ x 20″)

For sale at $300 $175

                                       Reach for the Sky

Details to be supplied

For Sale at $200