Equipment List

Equipment list

The studio has everything most artists and students need for painting and mixed media. Whenever possible, I will always try to organise extra materials specific to a particular workshop, and will advise in good time if a small extra payment is required. I am looking into a more economical source for Golden paints, and hope to have some good news on these soon. Please ask me about any item you do not see listed, or would like.IMG_3056 I have endeavoured to stock the studio as fully as possible for a range of activities, such as acrylic, watercolour and oil painting, mixed media, textiles (limited to one sewing machine), journaling, drawing and sketching. Whilst not a complete list, the following gives a good idea of supplies provided:-

  • a range of smaller stretched canvases and canvas boards (please check with me if you are interested in a specific size/type and I can arrange this in advance. Larger canvases, above 40 cm square or rectangular, can easily be arranged but I can’t cover payment)
  • A wide range of paper substrates including watercolour and mixed media
  • Floor and table easels
  • A full range of quality acrylic paints and inks, oil paints and watercolours
  • Range of acrylic and oil mediums, pastes and gels
  • Materials for printing, stamping and stencilling with a wide selection of wooden printing blocks and stencils. Stencil cutting tool.
  • Full range of pens, pencils and markers, including Pitt pens and Tombows, oil and soft pastels, charcoal, felt tip and acrylic markers, Copics etc. Tools for calligraphy.
  • Basics such as scissors, rubbers, glue, sharpeners, rulers.
  • Range of found and made tissue and collage papers
  • Full range of brushes, jars and palettes
  • Water jars, spray bottles, wipes, paper towels, rages and other tools
  • Rollers and brayers. Texture tools. Gelliplate.
  • Gesso – white, black and clear
  • Spray varnish and sealants, spray fixative
  • A small supply of fabrics and trimmings for texture work, fabric pens, wool, cotton and thread
  • A modern sewing machine and an embellishing machine


PLEASE NOTE: Although I have some Golden paints for my personal use, their lack of availability and very high price in Europe means that I am unable to supply them. Students are advised to bring their favourites in small travel-proof bottles. I couldn’t live without their florescent pink!